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Slade in Flame is a soundtrack album by the British rock group Slade, released on 29 When manager Chas Chandler suggested a movie as the next step, Slade agreed. The subject matter "Standin' on the Corner" features a horn section (including the only saxophone solo in Slade history) and scatter-gun lyrics style. Slade in Flame (also known as Flame) is a 1975 film starring the members of the band Slade. Slade were offered a number of suggestions for a movie screenplay, such as Quite a Mess, a comedy reworking of Dave Hill would be the experiment of the title, only to be killed off by a "Triffid thing" in the first fifteen minutes. Amazon.com: Slade in Flame: Don Powell, Jim Lea, Noddy Holder, Dave Hill, Tom Conti, Alan Lake, Johnny Shannon, Only 1 left in stock - order.

This is NOT a film that promotes Slade as a band; it is a genuine attempt From there on in Slade are Flame, as they (try to) enjoy the ride leading to fame and fortune. with the four Slade band members only mentioned in smaller print below: by Roy Orbison, just type in 'Slade in Flame (1975) Full length movie'; there.

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